3M Residential Sun Control Window Films

For over 30 years, 3M™ has been improving light with window films. As a leader in both adhesive and film technologies, 3M™ brings together these disciplines to create the finest products available. The quality of our window films is confirmed by the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Our films block up to 99% of the ultraviolet rays that can fade drapes, furniture, artwork and even flooring. Think of our film as sunscreen for your furnishings. Fade protection is an important reason why interior designers often recommend our window films. They protect their client's investment and their professional reputation. Your home is where you should feel most comfortable. Yet heat, cold and glare can make your favorite room the last place you want to be.

Our films reduce up to 78% of the sun's heat that comes through the window. By reducing the heat, you can also reduce your air conditioning costs. 3M™ Window Films can also be easy on the eyes, our films can help reduce annoying glare up to 93%. The final comfort you will enjoy is the peace of mind that comes when you buy your window film backed by an impressive warranty and the good name of 3M.

Available in:

Classic Series

Amber, Silver, Nickel,and Neutral Colored Films with Affinity Films.

Prestige Series

3M™ Prestige Series offer these benefits:

• Increased on-angle heat rejection provides additional performance benefits
• Low reflection enchances views and overall beauty
• No metals; 3M™ technology provides superior performance with no corrosion or interference with cell phone signals
• Extends the life of furnishings by rejecting UV rays, the single largest component of fading
• Premium 3M™ manufacturer's warranty
• Reduces glare and eye discomfort
• Increases personal safety by minimizing flying glass

Select Series

Night Vision Films

These 3M™ Window Films offer a strong combination of attractive tones, low reflectivity, desirable light transmission and high performance sun control features. The warm, natural hues invite warmth and beauty to any room. The Night Vision series, our most popular films, offer new 3M™ technology that enhances color stability on the films.


Just wanted to drop you a quick email about the results of the window tint at our house.

As you remember, the reason we wanted the tinting is that our master bedroom bay window faces west and if we leave our blinds open during the day, it gets very warm in the bedroom when we are ready for bed. So for the past 3 years since we have lived here, we always keep the blinds closed in the master bedroom so we can sleep at night. We had the A/C checked along with the ducting and everything was fine with that.

Now for the good part. Since Ray installed the tinting a couple of weeks ago, we now leave the blinds open most of the day and it does not get warm in there anymore. The glare is also gone. Cathy put a small desk in the bay window area and can work there now, when before tinting, it was impossible with the heat and glare. We thought it would be dark but it is not, from inside or out.

Sometimes we buy or do things that we hope will change things and they turn out OK or maybe good. I have to say that this has been some of the best $$$ we have ever spent. The tinting does EXACTLY what you said it would do.

You know I will recommend your company to everyone we run into here in the Cascades and everywhere else, especially in my appraisal business.

Thanks to you and Ray,
Todd Oakes
Accredited Appraisal Assoc. of NE, FL, Inc.