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Since 1980, Ray's Solar Security Window Film has been serving the glass-coating and glass-tinting needs of St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Beaches, and Jacksonville areas. Our staff is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. We work hard to guarantee that our clients receive the best quality products and services in the market. Not only are our products and services high quality, they are also affordable.

JEA customers may qualify for up to a $300 cash rebate.

Why Choose Ray’s Solar Security Window Film?

Our Solar Security film will reduce fading, glare and heat in your home, business, or automobile. We are a licensed and insured window film company with over 31 years of experience. Our products provide protection from flying objects and provide burglary protection. We provide energy savings you can be comfortable with. Our services build security and safety into your windows. Please continue to browse our website for more information about our company. We look forward to serving your glass-coating and tinting needs. If you would like to schedule a free estimate consultation please click here.

New Services include:

Safety and Security Rooms

Bullet Resistant Glass

Safe Rooms

Jacksonville Window Tinting with Ray's Solar Security, Inc.

Florida – a land of endless sunshine and sudden thunderous storms. Florida is a haven for summer vacationers. But for the local inhabitants, the state’s famous asset is also its disadvantage. Permanent residents, without their knowing, are exposed to the elements on a daily basis. Even in the safety of their homes.

Most buildings take full advantage of sunlight by increasing the sizes of their window. But as a consequence, they allow more harmful rays like UV and infrared to seep into homes and office spaces. This forces dwellers to resort to covering their windows, leaving them useless.

Not anymore! There is one simple solution for everyone: Window Tinting. Jacksonville, FL residents can improve the safety of their homes and office spaces without having to expend their windows, all with the help of Ray’s Solar Security, Inc., the leading company in Jacksonville window tinting.

Since 1980, Ray’s Solar Security, Inc. has been servicing residential window tinting and commercial window tinting in and around Jacksonville. Window tinting significantly reduces heat and glare inside buildings and automobiles. Residents and commercial establishment owners have also found that they reap huge savings in AC bills by simply adding a layer of protection to their glass windows. Now anyone can get the full benefit of overall weather and crime security for their property.

Ray’s Solar Security, Inc. is a licensed and insured glass coating and tinting company, experienced and trusted by many residents and commercial building owners in Jacksonville. The success of Ray’s Solar Security, Inc. lies with the company’s use of 3M Window Film products. With 3M Window Films, Ray’s not only ensures the best protection from harmful sunrays to your building and automobile. High quality and professionalism is also guaranteed in all transactions and installations. Jacksonville window tinting has never been the same with Ray’s Solar Security, Inc.

3M Window Films also provide crime and vandalism protection to your buildings and vehicles. The integrity of glass windows is significantly improved, reducing undue injuries from glass brakeage to zero. With 3M window tinting, Jacksonville residents need not worry about the threats to their properties and lives.

Ray’s Solar Security, Inc. wants to make sure that all their clients get the most out of the products they order, which is why the professionals behind Ray’s only aim to satisfy. For more information on the company and their products and services, or to get a free estimate consultation, visit Ray’s Solar Security, Inc.


As you are aware, your company has installed 3M™ Solar window film on all of the windows in our home, beginning in 2002. In addition, you have just completed an installation on some replacement windows in the house. We have been entirely satisfied with the installation and the 3M™ window coating, which has cut down on the sun's rays and reduced our air conditioning bill.

Robert McKimson
St. Johns, Florida