3M Fasara Decorative Wndow Films

3M™ Fasara Films are perfectly suited for interior glass partitions or the inside surface of windows. Available in several textures at a fraction cost of etched glass. Common Applications include: Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Retail Environments, Residential Settings, Private Offices, Glass Partitions, and Verandas. Refer to Fasara Brochure for Film Types.

3M™ Fasara films are designed for interior glazing. The 3M™ Fasara films are 2 mil thick and combine shatter resistant and sun control properties that are commonly used in commercial and residential settings.

Combination Patterns
Interior Design Film with combination patterns.

Prism Astral Silver
Prism/Prism Noir
Prism/Prism Silver

SH2FG AR Aerina
50in x 98.4ft.

SH2FG IM Illumina
50in X 98.4ft.

Dot Patterns
Interior Design Film with Dot Patterns.

SH2FG CE Cielo
50in x 98.4ft.
SH2FG CL Luna Cell
50in x 98.4ft.
Illumina Glace

Pico 50in x 98.4ft.

SH2FG VI Vista
50in x 98.4ft.
SH2PC A9 Aura
9 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2PC L6 Luna 6
50in x 98.4ft.
SH2PC L9 Luna 9
50in x 98.4ft.

Line Patterns
Interior Design Film with line patterns.

Stripe Nokto
50in x 98.4ft.

50in x 98.4ft.

SH2FG LS Lesie
50in x 98.4ft.
SH2FG LT Lattice
50in x 98.4ft.
Border Lattice Glace
SH2FG PR Paracell
50in x 98.4ft.
SH 2FG PX Pixela
50in x 98.4ft.
50in x 98.4ft.
Border Slat Glace
SH2FG ST Shutie
50in x 98.4ft.


Single Patterns
Single Pattern Interior Design Films.

SH2EM CH Chamonix 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2EM ES Essen 50 in x 98.4 ft
SH2EM LA Lausanne 50 in x 98.4 ft

SH2EM OS Olso 50 in x 98.4 ft

SH2FG AT Altair 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2FG LN Fabric Linen
SH2FG LO Gradation Lontano
SH2FG LU Luce 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2FG VG Vega 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2FN CR Fine Crystal 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2MA CR-I Mat Crystal I 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2MA CRX Mat Crystal 50in x 98.4ft. .
SH2MA GL Mat/Glace
SH2MA MLL Milano 50 in & 60 in X 196.8 FT
SH2MA MM San Marino 50 in & 60
in x 98.4 ft
SH2MA OW Opaque White 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2PT RK Rikyu 50in x 98.4ft.
SH2PT SA Sagano 50 in x 98.4 ft
SH2PT YA Yamato 50 in x 98.4 ft


Just wanted to drop you a quick email about the results of the window tint at our house.

As you remember, the reason we wanted the tinting is that our master bedroom bay window faces west and if we leave our blinds open during the day, it gets very warm in the bedroom when we are ready for bed. So for the past 3 years since we have lived here, we always keep the blinds closed in the master bedroom so we can sleep at night. We had the A/C checked along with the ducting and everything was fine with that.

Now for the good part. Since Ray installed the tinting a couple of weeks ago, we now leave the blinds open most of the day and it does not get warm in there anymore. The glare is also gone. Cathy put a small desk in the bay window area and can work there now, when before tinting, it was impossible with the heat and glare. We thought it would be dark but it is not, from inside or out.

Sometimes we buy or do things that we hope will change things and they turn out OK or maybe good. I have to say that this has been some of the best $$$ we have ever spent. The tinting does EXACTLY what you said it would do.

You know I will recommend your company to everyone we run into here in the Cascades and everywhere else, especially in my appraisal business.

Thanks to you and Ray,
Todd Oakes
Accredited Appraisal Assoc. of NE, FL, Inc.