Ray's Solar Security Window Film is a 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer. With our 3M™ Window Film products a limited lifetime warranty is included with the purchase.

3M™ Window Films are designed to:

  • offer fade protection for your furniture, drapes, carpets and more
  • cut annoying glare
  • reduce up to 99% of the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays
  • reduce excessive heat gain through your windows
  • provide increased comfort and energy savings
  • prevent injury from glass fragments due to crime,
  • destructive weather and terrorism

As a leader in both adhesive and film technologies, 3M™ brings together these disciplines to create the finest products available for residential, commercial, government and automotive use. 3M™ Window Films provide an elegant, yet practical means for solving many of the most challenging aspects of managing sun control and security issues surrounding the use of your home, car or business.

Our films reduce up to 99 percent of the sun's ultraviolet rays and reject up to 79 percent of the solar heat that may otherwise come through a window. They also help reduce winter heat loss by reflecting up to 35 percent of indoor heat back into the room. You will find our films are also easy on the eyes. On the outside, they give your home, car or business a more pleasing, unified look. On the inside, our films provide glare reduction for you and others.

3M™ Sun Control Films save energy, as well as helping to protect your furnishings, drapes, carpet, woodwork and artwork from destructive ultraviolet rays that cause fading. 3M™ Safety and Security Window Films provide fragment retention by holding glass together during destructive weather, smash and grab crimes or acts of terrorism. They help to seal out the water, the primary cause of property damage and they have a toughness that allows these films to withstand day-to-day abuse.

3M™ introduces the new Prestige Series, a unique collection of window films with superior heat rejection, no-metal technology, low reflectivity, and a warranty backed by one of the world's most respected companies. Prestige series window films mark a departure from traditional window films because they are transparent and not dark or shiny, thus they do not change the interior or exterior appearance of your home or building. Other clear window films on the market are constructed using metal, which has a tendency to corrode in coastal environments as well as the potential to interfere with cell-phones and other wireless devices.

Are you protected from UV in your home?

By now most people are aware that prolonged exposure to sunlight can lead to skin cancer. But what most people don’t realize is that being inside your home doesn’t’ mean you are protected from the sun’s rays. In fact, untreated glass does very little to protect your skin from cancer causing UV rays.

3M™ Window Films block up to 99% of the sun’s destructive UV rays.

Adding 3M™ Window Films to the glass in your home is an excellent way to protect your family. Our films are designed to filter out both UVA and UVB rays. They come in clear or in a variety of shades and colors so there is certain to be a film that’s just right for you.

3M™ Window Films help protect your home from damaging sunlight.

Both financially and emotionally, you’ve made a tremendous investment in your home. Once that investment is made, the next step is keeping it looking beautiful. Unfortunately, fabrics, wallpaper, natural wood floors, photos and other valuables will fade when unfiltered sun shines through your windows.

The causes of fading:

3M™ Night Vision Window Film is Ideal for Homeowners Who Want To

  • Enjoy clear views, day and night
  • Protect skin and furnishing from damaging UV rays
  • Reduce heat and glare
  • Preserve a room’s warmth and natural beauty
  • Avoid heavy window coverings
  • 3M™ Window Films help you save money.

Energy efficiency can lower your federal tax bill and your monthly energy bill. Heat gained through windows makes up a significant portion of your summer utility bill. 3M™ Window Films reduces heat gain by up to 70 percent, which helps lower energy consumption.

New! - Tax Credit For Window Film

The Energy Policy Act of 2005 created federal tax credits for homeowners who make certain energy efficient improvements. On October 3, 2008, President Bush signed into law the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008", which extended tax credits for energy efficient home improvements made in 2009. Consumers purchasing qualifying 3M™ Window Film products between January 1 and December 31, 2009 can receive a 2009 tax credit.. A tax credit directly reduces your overall income tax, which is much better than a deduction, which reduces the amount of income subject to tax. Homeowners can receive a 30 percent credit on the costs of qualified window film products, up to a maximum of $1500.

3M™ Safety and Security Windows Films are designed to

  • Improve personal and asset protection.
  • Deter smash-and-grab burglars.
  • Reduce fading and help protect furnishings.
  • Help protect against flying glass and water damage.
  • The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends many 3M™ Window Film products as effective UV protectants.


Just wanted to drop you a quick email about the results of the window tint at our house.

As you remember, the reason we wanted the tinting is that our master bedroom bay window faces west and if we leave our blinds open during the day, it gets very warm in the bedroom when we are ready for bed. So for the past 3 years since we have lived here, we always keep the blinds closed in the master bedroom so we can sleep at night. We had the A/C checked along with the ducting and everything was fine with that.

Now for the good part. Since Ray installed the tinting a couple of weeks ago, we now leave the blinds open most of the day and it does not get warm in there anymore. The glare is also gone. Cathy put a small desk in the bay window area and can work there now, when before tinting, it was impossible with the heat and glare. We thought it would be dark but it is not, from inside or out.

Sometimes we buy or do things that we hope will change things and they turn out OK or maybe good. I have to say that this has been some of the best $$$ we have ever spent. The tinting does EXACTLY what you said it would do.

You know I will recommend your company to everyone we run into here in the Cascades and everywhere else, especially in my appraisal business.

Thanks to you and Ray,
Todd Oakes
Accredited Appraisal Assoc. of NE, FL, Inc.